How to find great accommodation every time

In this post I share accommodation finding tips that I have learnt from planning my trips locally and around the world.

3 Quick tips before we get started:

1) SAVE – Stay with People You Know

The best accommodation saving tip is to travel to places where you know people and ask to stay with them.  I am not saying be a leach. Always make sure you are not inconveniencing them and contribute to the stay. Remember to return the favour when they visit your town!


Always read at least 3 reviews of the accommodation before you pay. There are certain things that won’t come across in the advertisement. Maybe it looks nothing like the pictures!

3) QUICKEN SEARCH TIME – Know What You Want

It helps to know what you want before you start looking for it. This way you will be able to filter through the flood of options without getting as confused or overwhelmed.

The best websites/apps for finding accommodation

You always want to make sure that you get the best deal, right? It sucks when you find something else for half the price later on. (I should add this to the list of tips: Stop looking once you have paid!)

These websites/applications have helped me find and sift through the options within my budget.

When it comes to looking for hotels, bed and breakfasts worldwide is great. This is how it works. You fill in your destination, check in and check out dates, number of guests and rooms and then it lists all available options. SIMPLE 🙂

Screenshot from website

What makes it even better is that you can sort the search results according to top picks, price, stars and review scores – this is where knowing what you want is helpful. Download the free app or browse online –


Airbnb is genius. Through Airbnb people provide short term rental of their homes, rooms, cottages, hostels or mansions.

This means you can book an entire house out for a group trip and have exclusive privacy for your getaway.  And when traveling solo, you can save by opting to rent out a room via Airbnb instead of booking a hotel.

Airbnb has more thorough filter options. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can filter the results based on specific amenities, facilities and even house rules. This is such a time saver!

Airbnb filter

Airbnb filter 2

Airbnb was started in 2008 but has not won over everyone’s trust yet and many still prefer the security and assurance that you get through established hotels. I can assure you that I have used Airbnb and continue to use it and have had a good experience thus far. It also allows me to travel for less as rates are competitive.

Sign up for Airbnb using my link and you will receive R600 off your first Airbnb booking to anywhere!

My accommodation in Gonubie, East London was booked using Airbnb.

The Edge Boutique Bed and Breakfast in East London, Eastern Cape (SA)

See more photos from my stay at The Edge Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Coast to Coast

Backpacking is a low budget way of traveling. The accommodation type is usually a hostel set-up. The idea is that the experience of being out and about in a new place is more important than living luxuriously while you travel. You can save a lot if you choose this option.  This is also a great way to socialise as the common areas are usually communal.

Friends Backpackers and Guesthouse at Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape (SA)

Coast to Coast is a search platform for backpacking establishments in Southern Africa. After filling in your search criteria and clicking ‘search,’ you can filter the results according to features such as surfing, hiking and jolling – pretty cool!.

Coast to Coast
Screenshot from Coast to Coast website


Let me know if this post helped you.


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