The best pancakes in South Africa

You can go to Graskop, Mpumalanga and ignore the pancakes but you shouldn’t. Harrie’s Pancakes is a pancake cafe located in Graskop on the corner of Louis Trichardt & Church street.  On their website they have acclaimed themselves as the best pancakes in South Africa! Having been in the business for 31 years, I trust that they have perfected their pancake recipe. They have built such a good name for themselves that having pancakes at Harrie’s is one of the attractions that the locals recommend – it’s part of the Graskop experience.

The menu is divided into a list of sweet and savoury pancakes. The difficult part is deciding which pancake to choose. I knew for certain that the sweet list was my list since I love sugar. So this narrowed it down half way.

As I read the menu, I started rescheduling my day in my mind to see if I could possibly fit in another visit later. When I realised that that would not be possible, I moved on to hoping my friend would choose one of the other pancakes I wanted just so I get to taste it – hehehe.

I was able to narrow down the list to a top three:

1) cinnamon sugar and milk tart,

2) chooclate chip, peanut butter and banana


3)lemon meringue pie filling.

Congratulations top three!
As the waiter walked towards us with our pancakes in her tray, my smile came on, my eyes widened and I couldn’t wait to see it and to taste. Who else gets this excited about food? Of course I had to park that feeling until I took this photo of it first. It was like a gift waiting to be unwrapped:

So I ended up choosing seasonal fruit filling served with ice cream. I know, that was not on my short list! That goes to show just how tricky it is deciding on one. I chose seasonal fruits because I thought back to an episode of Master Chef where they recommended fruity desserts for summer. In other words, I couldn’t trust myself to pick the right one so instead I thought: what would Gordon Ramsey do?

The question is, how did it taste?? The fruit and ice cream combination was refreshing and light. I could have done with more sugar so I think next time I will go for the chocolate chip and peanut butter filling. As for the actual pancake, note that it’s not a crepe, it’s a pancake. It’s thick and it’s filling. Though it is thick, it’s light. Does that make sense?? What I’m trying to say is that it was yum and you should try one!

Breakfast at Harrie’s Pancakes

They don’t only serve pancakes. They serve breakfast too. Find you someone that can do both lol. So the following day we were back to try the breakfast. I chose waffles served with fried eggs, bacon and maple syrup. Easy choice because I love waffles! Look at how perfect our breakfast looked. That is how you start a morning. I mean how could I possibly have a bad day when it started with my breakfast smiling at me?

You can also find Harrie’s Pancakes in Pretoria, Dullstroom and Cullinan.

Have you tried Harrie’s Pancakes before? How was your experience?