Things to do in Secunda

When the day finally arrived that I move to Secunda in January 2015, I felt afraid, nervous, DOOMED. I had always been a city girl and couldn’t imagine living in a small town like Secunda. Guess what? I survived and continue to survive. Here is a list of things to do in Secunda, Mpumalanga

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How much I spent during my trip to Greece

How much did I spend while in Greece? This was the most asked question after I shared on How to Plan a Trip to Greece. I had a tough time finding this information in preparation for the trip so I am very happy to answer that question.

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How to find great accommodation every time

You always want to make sure that you get the best deal, right?

In this post I share tips for booking accommodation that I have learnt from planning my trips locally and around the world.

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Joburg, Jozi, Johannesburg why I love you honey 

Joburg, I know it has taken me a while to say this but I love you honey! This blog post is a declaration of my love. These are some of the reasons that Joburg is such a wonderful city.

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Spend a long weekend at Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape 

Hike to Hole in the Wall. Swim in a cave pool. Jump off a cliff. Enjoy spectacular views.

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South Africa winter travel guide

Who else needs a holiday? It’s not too late to plan a trip for the upcoming long weekend.

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