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Hello! I’m Farirai Sanyika, the African woman behind Gophari. My name, Farirai, means “Be happy” in Shona.  I hope Gophari brings you happiness,  that you learn something new and are inspired for your next adventure.


 After completing my chemical engineering degree at the University of Cape Town, I took a trip to Mauritius. I came back feeling curious about the world and wanting to shout out from the top of a hill that everyone needs to see Mauritius for themselves. Instead of doing that, I started this travel blog, Gophari. I now do all of my shouting out here after each trip.

My goal is to empower through information.

I have since travelled South Africa extensively and have explored Italy, Greece, Thailand & Zambia to name a few. I write travel guides and share useful, honest tips that I have learnt along the way.

I  am a travel blogger & a chemical engineer

I am not a full time traveller, I work full time as a chemical engineer – I know the leave day struggle! I spend my days in overalls and travel when I take leave from work. Read more about how I have learnt to travel more without quitting my job

What to expect on Gophari blog

There is a lot that you do not have to figure out yourself when planning your next vacation! On this site you can find destination specific information about where to stay, what to do, how to get there and how much money you will need. For example, learn how to plan a trip to Greece  or explore more of Eastern Cape province in South Africa by planning a trip to Tsitsikamma.

This blog’s main focus is on travel within and from South Africa as I live in South Africa and am a certified South African travel specialist.

Gophari acknowledges the barriers that keep people from traveling such as cost, fear and full time responsibilities and gives advice for working through these.

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