Gophari is made up of two sections: Blog + Group Travel

Gophari Blog

There are so many lessons to be learnt from travel experience. What a waste to not share these lessons for others to benefit from them too. That’s what Gophari Blog is about – sharing knowledge that breaks travel barriers and empowers YOU. It’s about sharing useful information, making real connections and giving honest recommendations. Gophari Blog is also about inspiration through vibrant images of destinations around the world because sometimes seeing really is believing!

Gophari Travel

Gophari Travel is a Group Travel business that offers curated packages that include transport, accommodation, an itinerary AND a host. All you have to do is pitch & pay! Hmmm maybe that should be the tag line? These packages are created to give an authentic experience of destinations visited. Through Gophari Travel, the world is explored, friendships are formed and memories are made.

About Founder, Farirai Sanyika

I’m Farirai Sanyika (I go by Fari). Farirai is a Shona name meaning, “Be happy.” And that’s what I am about, JOY. Truly, I am driven by happiness – seeking it, spreading it, feeling it. Other things worth mentioning is that I am a women, I am black and I am young and I am proud of all three! Nice to meet you 🙂

I work full time as a chemical engineer and I travel and create during every bit of the time remaining. I spend my day in overalls and a hard hat which is hard for some to believe when they take a look at my social media accounts. I really am always at work and not always on holiday as it may seem. I know the leave day struggle! I stay in small town Secunda which is in Mpumalanga Province in beautiful South Africa.

I love photos. I love writing. I love connecting with people. I love exploring new places and capturing them as close as possible to my memories. That’s one of the most special things about travelling, the memories last forever. My mind is full of them and I share them all here on Gophari.com.