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Traveling to Tsitsikamma in Eastern Cape, South Africa had been on my wish list for years. This desire all began after seeing a breathtaking Instagram post of the suspension bridge over Storms River at Tsitsikamma National Park. From that moment, I knew that I needed to witness it with my own eyes.

A long weekend was approaching and I was determined to make this trip happen. As per my usual planning process, I started by looking into how I would get to Tsitsikamma. Maximising my leave days has always made quick travel time a priority. So, I searched for flights to Port Elizabeth and George which are the closest airports to Tsitsikamma.

You can probably guess what the result of was of searching for flights pretty last minute for a long weekend? I got exactly what I deserved for planning the week before. Return flights were about R4000! As much as I wanted to travel to Tsitsikamma, there was no way I was going to pay that much.

Travel more by traveling by bus

For my trip to Tsitsikamma via Port Elizabeth, I ditched the R4000 flight option and bought return bus tickets for R930 instead. What a major saving?! This was a lightbulb moment for me. I absolutely love exploring South Africa, and traveling by bus suddenly became an obvious option to consider. For my 14 hour bus ride to Port Elizabeth from Johannesburg, opting for the night bus meant that I travelled while I would have been sleeping anyway. No time was lost – WINNING. One more awesome thing to note is that when I arrived, I could get straight into exploring. Had I been driving, I would have had to catch up on sleep when I arrived.

Finding bus tickets and planning my route for this trip was a bit tricky as I needed to research the names of the bus companies first and then open each of their sites to find ticket prices. When I heard that Travelstart had launched a new site that will make the bus ticket search easier, I was so relieved, happy and excited. So I have written this post to tell you more about it.

Buy a bus ticket using Travelstart Buses

We all know Travelstart for being a flight comparison and booking site. Searching for all of your flight options with one click really makes the flight selection and booking process easy and quick. I always rely on Travelstart when I search for flights. There is no reason to waste time searching for flights on each airline’s website. An added bonus is that sometimes flights on Travelstart are cheaper than booking directly with the airline!

Did you know that you can now search and compare bus fares from competing companies using Travelstart’s new bus booking platform – Travelstart Buses? This means that the same features we enjoy with Travelstart’s flight services, we can now benefit from for buses too. This is fantastic news as buses are a great way to explore South Africa as well as other overland destinations and now we can do so more easily.

The next time you are planning an overland trip, use Travelstart Buses to find the cheapest tickets quickly. After having multiple tabs open on my web browser to search for bus tickets when I travelled to Tsitsikamma, I know that I will definitely be using Travelstart Buses from now onwards. I am a fan of everything that makes travel simpler and Travelstart Buses does exactly that.

How to use Travelstart Buses

The neat and clear layout of the Travelstart Buses search page makes it an easy site for everyone to use.

Travelstart buses search page
Travelstart Buses search page

For a quick simple search for all of the available bus tickets from competing companies:

  • Select “one way” or “return” route
  • Enter departure point, destination, departure date, arrival date and select the number of passengers traveling.
  • Click search

For a more advanced and tailored search:

  • Apply filters to your search so that it only returns the relevant options. For example, if you prefer to travel with certain bus companies, you can select to only see bus tickets from those companies only.
  • Order the search results by price so that the results are listed from lowest to highest price. You can also order by travel duration and departure times with one click.highest price. You can also order by travel duration and departure times with

Book your ticket:

  • Enter passenger/s details
  • Select a payment method & pay

Tips for comfortable travel by bus

If you are going for a long bus trip, keep in mind that you will need to keep yourself entertained. Being as comfortable as possible is also important. I have listed key items to pack in your carry on bag for entertainment and comfort:

  • Earphones
  • A small blanket
  • Warm socks
  • A book or kindle
  • A charger and power bank
  • Snacks
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet paper
  • sleep face mask


This post is sponsored by Travelstart

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