How to earn credit on Airbnb

One of the best working ways to bring down accommodation expenses is using referral links. Airbnb has a great referral system that allows you to gift discounts to friends who register using your referral link. When that friend completes a booking, you receive credit that you can spend on Airbnb.

With enough credit, you can book accommodation for free! Follow these simple steps to start earning credit on Airbnb.

1.Register for Airbnb

First register for Airbnb using a referral promo code. When you register using a promo code you are instantly rewarded with R600 credit that will be subtracted from a booking payment. If you have already registered then you can no longer use a referral promo code.

Use my link:

2.Click on “Profile” then select “Invite Friends”

Profile icon is found on the bottom right corner of your screen if using the Airbnb app.

3.Share your link

Click “Share your link” to open the sharing options.

You can share your link via social media, email or you can select “copy link” which is what I used to paste my link in the beginning of this post.

When someone signs up using your link, you are notified by email. When they complete a booking, they receive R600 off and you receive R300 in travel credit that you can use towards making bookings on Airbnb.

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