8 reasons to visit Johannesburg

 I Joburg

It took me moving out of Joburg to truly appreciate it for the glorious city that it is. And now I feel bad for not giving Joburg the love it deserved while we were still together. So Joburg, I know it has taken me a while to say this but I love you honey!

A lesson learnt is that your home is someone else’s holiday getaway. Even if you can’t afford a trip right now or your schedule does not allow for one – explore your home town during the weekend and make a vacation out of it. You will be surprised at how much has been right in front of you!

Your home is someone else’s holiday getaway

This blog post is a declaration of my love. These are some of the reasons that Joburg is such a wonderful city.

You can find the tallest building in Africa in the CBD

Took this shot of model, @chichisanyika, admiring the view

Did you know that Carlton Center is the tallest building in Africa? This 223m skyscraper used to be a high end hotel but now functions as a shopping center. The viewpoint on the top floor is called Top of Africa and can be visited for only R15 per adult. It is open daily and the elevator to the top can be accessed from the second floor of Carlton Center. The glass window perimeter allows for a 360 degree view of Johannesburg.

Rooftop hangouts are a norm

I wanted to check out Living Room in Maboneng since I had heard great reviews. Unfortunately there were no free tables at the time so I will have to be back another day. Maybe the real reason is that I was feeling like a cheap skate and did not want to pay the R50 entrance.

So I went to, 12 Decades Hotel Rooftop Bar around the corner instead – rooftop hopping! It is a chilled hangout spot with a view open every Sunday from midday till 7pm.

Food options are endless

There are so many places to eat out in Joburg that I am convinced that you could try a new place every day of the year and not run out. Take advantage of that and eat somewhere you have never been before.

I went to Craft Restaurant in Parkhurst for the first time and loved it. They serve food that looks and tastes damn good! I looooove peanut butter and had heard that I could find a peanut butter milkshake at Craft that would impress. It’s called The J’Something milkshake. It doesn’t have a description on the menu but I trusted that if J’Something put his name on it, it must be good. Here it is:

Craft Milkshake Gophari

I smiled like a little girl as the waiter delivered this to our table. This chocolate-peanut butter-fudge goodness all for me?! I don’t know whether I should be proud or ashamed that I finished this.

The city is decorated with outstanding street art

This artwork by Faith47 is my favourite find. It is located on the corner of Fox and Rissik street in Joburg CBD. It is so grand and so beautiful. It is titled Una Salus Vicis Nallum Sperare Salutum. Translated this means the only hope for the doomed is no hope at all.

Posing in front of Una Salus Vicis Nallum Sperare Salutum by Faith47

The vibrant colours of this street art also caught my attention.

It acknowledges South Africa’s past and gives hope to the future

On June 16 2017, Constitution Hill Museum opened their doors to the public for free (Follow/Like my Facebook Page for updates on specials like these).

I joined the 4pm guided tour which was brilliantly done by a very knowledgeable and passionate guide. Constitution Hill is a former prison which utilized race dependent living conditions and made prisoners out of freedom fighters during Apartheid. We walked through the prison cells, heard stories about the unfair treatment of black prisoners, and witnessed the harsh conditions of solitary confinement.

Constitution Hill is now the location of the Constitutional Court. Engraved on the doors to the Constitutional Court are the 27 fundamental themes of the bill of rights in all 11 South African languages.

Gophari Joburg-1
The doors to the Constitutional Court

There are a lot of markets

Market on Main is a favourite on Sundays. The food. The vibe. I appreciated that you can pay for your purchases cash free using SnapScan. The food is on display at each stall and is so enticing that you walk around looking at everything over and over again hoping that your decision on what to eat will become clearer. I chose a cheesey, saucy, delicious chicken prego roll from the Santana Gourmet stand.

I also checked out Rosebank Art & Craft Market. It’s an African wonderland. You can find African jewellery, clothing, ornaments, fabric, furniture, EVERYTHING. Here is a gallery of some of the items I spotted while there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

75% of South Africa’s malls are located in Gauteng

You are spoilt with options with the number of malls in Johannesburg. In fact, according to Business Tech, 75% of South Africa’s malls are located in Gauteng. It took moving to a small town to truly appreciate all of the STUFF you can find in the city. Make your choice  between Sandton City, Mall of Africa, Eastgate Shopping Centre etc. I chose Sandton for a lunch date with a friend.


JB’s Corner at Sandton City

When you are done shopping, take a moment to appreciate Nelson Mandela Square. It came second in the TripAdvisor traveler’s choice awards for Top 10 SA landmarks. Can you guess which landmark won? Here’s a clue: it’s in Cape Town. Leave your guess in the comments.

There is always more…

My exploration of Joburg is ongoing and will never end. There is always something new to see or try and I look forward to the adventure that awaits. With that I seal this love letter to South Africa’s City of Gold ♥

What are your favourite things to do in Joburg?

Let me know 🙂

3 thoughts on “8 reasons to visit Johannesburg

  1. Loved this ! CBD and especially Maboneng are defo my favorite areas in Joburg ! But I loved it all. And your letter is soooo true. I stayed 5 months there and there is so much I wished I had done. I kept telling myself I have time and going to hit Harem dancefloor until I could not leave the bed the next day instead of exploring… #shame #partyanimal haha Then time was over… 😦 I truly loved this country : the people, the culture, the vibe, everything ! My demonstration of love will also be shown on my soon to come blog 🙂


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