Wrinkle prevention

Repetitive expressions cause wrinkles. And aging starts at 25! Let’s not get paranoid but why not simply wear sunglasses to keep your face muscles calm and avoid unnecessary grooves in your face? Keep a pair in your car and always wear them while you drive during the day.


Okay, do I need to explain this reason further? Sunglasses can transform an entire outfit. I have about 15 pairs *hides.*  When I was packing for my trip to Thailand, I couldn’t choose which ones to take so I packed all of them. Who gets me???

To preserve mystique

Sometimes we don’t need people to know that we are secretly staring at our crush across the room. Other times we aren’t in the best of moods and it’s showing on our faces and we need to hide behind the frames. Sunglasses have your back 🙂

Protect from UV rays

Eyes are important – we only get one pair so we must look after them as best we can. Excessive sunlight exposure has been linked with potential damage to the eyes from Ultraviolet rays. This can be serious and lead to some visual loss. Sunglasses are your eyes’ best protection from the sun.

So you can see

I saved the most obvious reason for last. Or maybe I just wanted to have five reasons because five sounds better than four. Sometimes you need to wear sunglasses so that you can see more clearly without straining your eyes in bright light.


Why do you wear shades?