Welcome to Gophari.com

I am so excited and nervous to share my new website with you. Humans can be so scary you know, you just want them to like you. Whether they do or whether they don’t, your life continues – you still wake up the next morning, you put on your best clothes, you do your job well, you get paid, you travel the world, you connect with God, you fall in love, you party till the sun rises, you LIVE. So here I am πŸ™‚ This is my new blog called Gophari.

Gophari is a lifestyle and travel blog. It has come to be as a result of me learning more about my likes and dislikes. My daily life as a chemical engineer is very technical and administrative. I have been craving for more creative outlets besides Instagram which I looove. One of the best things about life is that we can always improve ourselves, learn more and be better. We can always change direction and add branches to who we are.

I have been living in a small town called Secunda for two years now and through this I have learnt to appreciate the value of experiences more than things. Although I grew up in Joburg, it has never looked so alive, vibrant and fun until now. I have been fortunate to snorkel in Thailand, parasail in Mauritius, ascend the Eiffel Tower in Paris, walk the streets of London, indulge in Gelato ice cream in Italy, ride a camel through the desert in Dubai and stand at the edge of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. I have not gone everywhereΒ but I hope to :-P!

I have so many ideas of what I want to share in this space. My hope is to give Gophari meaning such that it may be associated with vibrancy, positivity, and fun. I hope this motivates you to get your ideas going. Life is happening NOW. We need to be happy today and do the things that we have always dreamed of doing.